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New CE Deadline for Illinois Real Estate Appraisers

The new rule making changes the Illinois Appraisal CE deadline back to September 30 of each odd-numbered year.

The adopted rulemaking represents a re-alignment of renewal dates and continuing education completion dates for licenses real estate appraisers (September 30 of each odd-numbered year). Historically, these dates have been coterminous; however, a recent amendment to the rules effectively bifurcated those dates and resulted in confusion on the part of licensed real estate appraisers.


The adopted rulemaking (Effective Date of Rules: December 23, 2019) conforms Illinois' continuing education completion dates to the criteria established by the Appraisal Subcommittee ("ASC"). The ASC had previously raised concerns about the recent amendments promulgated by the prior administration, and so the Department proposed this change with a goal of bringing more clarity to the timeline within which licensed real estate appraisers must satisfy continuing education requirements. Additionally, the adopted changes will help to streamline the process of continuing education audits, which are required by the ASC. 


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